”My life long dream has been to design Costumes for Hollywood production movies, and working together with directors like Tarsem Singh, Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan. I have been working the last 12 years to fulfill his dream” Sepehr.

Couture Designer Sepehr Maghsoudi makes couture pieces that will blow you away!
Sepehr Maghsoudi stands for exclusivity, has an outspoken personality and focussed on the thoughts and structures behind the products. His work is futuristic, elegant, innovative and constructive. Due to the many faces of his designs he was asked by a variety of famous people to design for them. Sepehr has designed for Tyra Banks and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. He is Two-time winner of Edgar Vos Couture price and the winner of Fashion Designer of the year 2012.

Superba is the name of Sepehrís 9th couture collection and is inspired by the Just Dance colours, and various top stars like: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Daft Punk.

International publication
Sepehr Maghsoudi is also known for designing a collection for an episode of the popular tv program MTVís My Super Sweet Sixteen. MTVís My Super Sweet Sixteen was watched by 150 million people in 49 countries. Sepehr also participated in the program Project Catwalk and The Face. Also his work has been published worldwide in Vogue Italy, Elle, Esquire, Razor Red and Zink Magazine.

Working with stars
Recently he styled big artists like: Armin van Buuren, Sting, Ferry Corsten, Betsy Larking and Eva Simmons who used his couture in their video clips and on their cd covers. He is also responsible for the first Dutch fashion movie with his outstanding couture creations. His passion for film and costume design is, as one can see, one of his characteristic inspirations.One of the highlights of his career was when he was selected as most talented young designer. This gave him the opportunity to meet the king and queen of the Netherlands.

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De idee
Omdat er in Nederland weinig aandacht wordt besteed aan Fashion films, hebben wij besloten om de eerste Nederlandse Fashion te maken. Om de film in productie te brengen hebben wij met professioinals op hoog niveau samengewerkt. Dit is  in de film terug te zien doormiddel van special effects en de prachtige muziek die hier speciaal voor is geschreven.

Speciaal voor deze film hebben we een paar van de beste modellen geselecteerd. Onder andere de winnares van ‘Benelux Next Topmodel Melissa Baas en Alinda Jane Kennedy die bekend is van ‘Echte Meisjes in de Jungle’ en ‘Hollands Next Topmode’. Naast deze topmodellen heeft Shanice Beerepoot ook meegewerkt aan de film. Ze heeft in diverse internationale Fashion magazines gestaan:*Uptempo Magazine* en *Ellement Magazine

Fashion Designer : Sepehr Maghsoudi
Film Director: Jorg Rozier
Regie: Patrick Jimenez Quinayas
Productie: Bart Hol
Camera: Serhan Meewisse
Editor: Paul vis
Muziek en sound design: Mariska van kasbergen, O + Jochem de Jong
Productie: Jim Roses

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