scream under water


Sepehr : “My inspiration for this collection comes from a childhood memory. In Persia I often went to a swimming pool for training. The bath was located near a museum and garden with plants from all over the world. There also was a laboratory and I wondered: what if people would find a way to turn nuclear waste into something miraculous…”


Paris mesmerized by 15th collection of Sepehr Maghsoudi “Scream under Water”

exclusive and innovative designs in a glamorous and spirited collection

Sepehr Maghsoudi, Dutch fashion designer with a Persian background, presented his 15th collection “Scream under Water” during the Paris Couture week, January 2017.

In the intimate setting of the Atelier Néerlandais the collection showed up even more. Given the opportunity to observe the ravishing designs from close up, the audience reacted enthusiastically: “Beautiful creations” – “Excellent” –  “Unique” – “Very different” – “Magnificent colours”.

This 15th collection shows unity in form, design and colour. Cool blue and grey next to warm brown and red, shiny silver next to bright pink colours. From handmade ceramics and thick handknits to handprinted smooth silk fabrics; alternating fantastic shapes with clear motives.

Numerous gems in gold thread, embroidered by hand, indicate a master’s hand in detailed precision work. Layered, structural designs, presented by models with protruding ceramic tongues, add a theatrical effect that seems to underline the message of their designer.

Sepehr’s vibrant personality and enthusiasm for craftsmanship and experimentation are visible in all his collections. His designs are handmade, using traditional needlework, hand embroidery and other creative techniques. His14 previous collections have all gained international recognition. Invitations to participate in New York (nominated for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award), Vancouver and LA fashion weeks have encouraged Sepehr to fulfill his dream and present his 15th collection in Paris.

Sepehr : “My aim was to bring a touch of Persian glamour to the Parisian catwalk. What an amazing experience it was: models flying in from Milan – and even from Russia and Japan – and lots of people helping me from home and abroad. Not to forget all the donations and support from people promoting, organizing, filming, photographing, presenting and helping me with the designs. Thanks to all of you my dream has come true!”