The inspiration for this collection was one of Sepehr’s Persian childhood memories: “It was winter and it had snowed half a meter outside. There was a rattling noise in the storage caused by a big scary rat chased by my father.”


In his 21st couture collection “IllusionNoir”, fashion designer Maghsoudi seamlessly captures the rat plague that awaits the Netherlands, the rat behavior of many dignitaries as well as animal suffering. 

This year’s show of our sympathetic designer, at the LXRY Love edition 2019, was a real treat to be enjoyed once more.

His 21st collection IllusionNoir again offered all the ingredients to shine during the winter months. And knowing Sepehr, with this couture show he likes to tell a tale with a tail…

Glittering jumpsuits, graceful skirts, tops for the holidays and unique coats to make it through winter both warm and elegant, were presented in a modern seventies style. Fresh red and disco-colored glitter predominated in a surprising display of contradictions between conservative and sexy. 

The show opened with a 70’s based headdress. When the model turned around, the headdress well accentuated the contours of her buttocks.  

Male buttocks were to be admired too, when the back of a casual looking white checkered man’s suit appeared to be made of the same translucent fabric that flared the female models – creating a surprising effect on the audience at the fair. 

The self-designed print, creating the illusion of a picturesque colorful scene on a series of designs (tops, trousers and dress), turned out to be composed of dead rats crushed by car tires: “IllusionNoir”.