Maghsoudi: “The GIFTIG collection is inspired by the temptation to fill our inner emptiness with things that make us feel better. For GIFTIG I looked at myself, asking “The man in the mirror”: what emptiness is it you try to fill?


Overwhelming response on fashion designer Maghsoudi’s presentation GIFTIG (TOXIC) during Masters of LXRY in Amsterdam. The Dutch fashion designer of Persian origin – Sepehr Maghsoudi – presented his 19th century collection. Not in Paris this time, but during the Masters of LXRY in Amsterdam.

Concealed among elegant evening dresses for the season and warm winter coats, there was a catch. Two overcoats with self-designed prints, looking colorful and attractive at first sight, turned out to be horrible. The design showed an interpretation of (the atrocious pictures on) modern packets of cigarettes, surrounded by ironic texts.



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