Sepehr Maghsoudi back from Paris after exhibiting his 16th fashion collection “Light”



After his 15th collection show in Paris last January, fashion designer Sepehr Maghsoudi was present again during the Paris Fashion week of this July 2017.


On July 1, 2 and 3 his latest collection “Light” was presented in a modern building, situated in Le Marais, Paris’ well-known area for fashion professionals.


By showing this 16th collection as an exhibition, Maghsoudi gave his public the opportunity to observe and admire the designs from close by: ravishing handmade designs, showing pure craftsmanship.

Once again, a memory from his Persian childhood was the inspiration for this collection:


“When I was young, we used to play hide and seek in a large field with huge blades of grass. The tall blades embraced you. Looking up you could still see the sunlight. But amongst the giant stalks there was darkness all around…The body disintegrates, transcends to a different dimension…In these dark times we are searching for light…”

Fairylike, fragile looking designs, made of shiny delicate fabrics, in mother-of-pearl and soft pinks. Earthly colored designs, with authentic prints in powerful geometric patterns that seem to dissolve as they go up. Applications of feathers, ingenious 3D embroideries hovering above the surface, latex treated knitting, darkening halos, massive ceramic collars and masks.


This special exhibition, covered by BBC Persian TV live from Paris, gained international attention and impressed visitors from Germany, London, Russia, California and Brazil:




“You are destined for greatness. Love your work. See you in LA”


“Everything looks amazing and with a close eye for detail!”


“I’ve only seen a small part of your artwork and I’m already mesmerized by it!”


“Amazing work on textures and volumes, a highly pleasant surprise.”


“What an exhibition! I am sure you will move the French fashion lines!“


Paris was the first in line, but now Sepehr is back we can’t wait to see this spectacular collection on show in The Netherlands!

Eager to get a taste of what’s in store? This link will take you to a video impression of “Light”:  Light impression video

Sepehr Maghsoudi Design

Sepehr Maghsoudi Design

Sepehr Maghsoudi Design

Sepehr Maghsoudi Design




New Collection 13






6-11-2015 smoke print facing 14 cm x 20,5 cm

Couture Designer Sepehr Maghsoudi makes astonishing couture pieces! Sepehr Maghsoudi stands for exclusivity, has an outspoken personality and focuses on the thoughts and structures behind the products. His work is futuristic, elegant, innovative and constructive.

Due to the many faces of his designs he was asked by a variety of famous people to design for them. Sepehr has designed for Tyra Banks, Edsilia Rombley and styled big artists like Armin van Buuren, Sting, Ferry Corsten, Betsy Larkin, Eva Simons and Maan, winner of The Voice of Holland 2016, who used his designs in their video clips and on their CD covers.

He is a two-times winner of  the Edgar Vos Couture price, the winner of  Fashion Designer of the year 2012 and recently his couture designs were on show in the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, the Netherlands. One of the highlights of his career was when he was selected as most talented young designer. This gave him the opportunity to meet the King and Queen of the Netherlands. 

Sepehr Maghsoudi is also known for designing a collection for an episode of the popular MTV program “My Super Sweet Sixteen”, being watched by 150 million people in 49 countries. Furthermore, Sepehr participated in the program “Project Catwalk” and “The Face”.

Because of his great passion for film and costume design Sepehr Maghsoudi decided to create the first Dutch fashion movie ever. 

By designing costumes for the Dutch movies named “Heksen bestaan niet” and “Fashion Chicks” he showed his outstanding talent once more. Stars like Do, Sharon Doorson, Eva Simons, Liza Sips and Leontine Borsato performed in these movies, wearing Sepehr Maghsoudi designs.  

His work has been published worldwide in Vogue Italy, Elle, Esquire, Razor Red, Zink Magazine and many more. 

Are you looking for comfortable, wearable, trendy industrial clothing? Do you wish to refresh or restyle your company’s image? What about a workshop or a pleasant corporate outing (e.g. photo shoot, fashion-makeover, ladies night in our studio or at your location)? Look no further: Sepehr is the place to be!

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