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What if a fashion collection could make the difference in world peace?

Shortly after presenting his latest Fashion Collection Spring/Summer 2015 to the Dutch fashion press, fashionistas and contacts from all different angles of film, TV and art, Sepehr Maghsoudi feels the urge to share his positive message worldwide.

“Because of recent developments threatening world peace I would like to spread my message. My statement is that anyone in this world can and should contribute to world peace, however small this contribution may be. It is the positive intention that counts. All these tiny lights may seem too small and separate to make any change, yet together they can enlighten the globe.”

11th FASHION COLLECTION by Sepehr Maghsoudi: TALKING WITH SILENCE, a designer’s contribution to making the world a better place.

The inspiration for my latest collection “TALKING WITH SILENCE” comes from a childhood memory. Back in Iran, I was walking around the garden of some old hospital with my cousin, when we saw some men working in a cellar. They looked as if they felt imprisoned. In my recollection it was almost like a mystical experience. The idea of being stuck is, in my opinion, a self-created illusion. This idea became the starting-point for my designs.’’
“To emphasize the need to believe in the positive side of life I have designed a plus sign, recurring throughout this collection, together with white as symbol of purity as well as shining gold. I even designed a necklace with plus signs as a reminder of positivism.”
“ If I could design world peace, I wouldn’t hesitate. Being a fashion designer however, I’d better stick to my profession and continue doing what I am best at. My contribution to world peace is the positive story which I hope to tell by showing my collection. In a way this is my filmscript for a better world.”

The catwalk show is a short theatre performance that affirms Sepehr’s preference for films and costumes. “Models show that being imprisoned is an illusion. Being aware of this, we can break free to realize our full potential.”

Sculptural forms as well as the use of many details are recurring items in Sepehr’s creations, which are not necessarily ready-to-wear. “With my creations I want to tell a story, that is why they look rather theatrical and cinematic. The inspirational essence of my collection is the feeling that I am being halted. The spiritual symbolism represents the positive side of all religions. It also stands for liberation of the self.”

It took 2100 hours of needlework to complete this collection. Every single plus-sign was embroidered by hand. A total of 70 metres of silk was used in the silhouettes.

What will be your contribution to World Peace?

Information about Sepehr Maghsoudi
Couture Designer Sepehr Maghsoudi makes couture pieces that will blow you away! Sepehr Maghsoudi stands for exclusivity, has an outspoken personality and focuses on the thoughts and structures behind the products. His work is futuristic, elegant, innovative and constructive.
Due to the many faces of his designs he was asked by a variety of famous people to design for them. Sepehr has designed for Tyra Banks, Edsilia Rombley. He is a two-times winner of the Edgar Vos Couture price, the winner of Fashion Designer of the year 2012 and recently his couture designs were on show in the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, the Netherlands. One of the highlights of his career was when he was selected as most talented young designer. This gave him the opportunity to meet the King and Queen of the Netherlands.

Sepehr Maghsoudi is also known for designing a collection for an episode of the popular MTV program My Super Sweet Sixteen. MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen was watched by 150 million people in 49 countries.
Furthermore, Sepehr participated in the program Project Catwalk and The Face. Recently he styled big artists like: Armin van Buuren, Sting, Ferry Corsten, Betsy Larking and Eva Simons who used his designs in their video clips and on their CD covers. In the last 4 years he has designed and presented 11 fashion collections.
Because of his great passion for film and costume design Sepehr Maghsoudi decided to create the first Dutch fashion movie ever.
By designing costumes for the new Dutch movie named ‘Heksen bestaan niet” he showed his outstanding talent once more. Stars like Do, Sharon Doorsen, Eva Simons and Leontine Borsato performed in this movie, wearing Sepehr Maghsoudi designs.

His work has been published worldwide in Vogue Italy, Elle, Esquire, Razor Red, Zink Magazine and many more.

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