Sepehr Maghsoudi |  Muntstraat 7 | 1621GB | Hoorn |
Personal information:

Name: Sepehr Maghsoudi | tel 0031 6 48033175
Born: Iran, Teheran, 30 juli 1982
Nationality: Dutch | Persian (language: Dutch, English, German, Farsi)


2010 | Utrecht | Management & Training 

2004-2009 | AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) | 
Design & Styling. Bachelor of Fashion Technology 

2000-2004 | Horizon College, Hoorn | MBO –Architecture 

1996-2000 | Technique and Architecture – MAVO



2007 | Jeroen van Tuyl 

2005 | Alexander Van Slobbe 

2005 | Stylist at TV station Talpa 

2003 | Architecture Agency Peter van Diepen, Benningbroek 

2002 | Architecture Agency le loup, Warder

Professional Skills

Fashion designer, costume designer, print developper, illustrator, artist, architect, fashion consultant

Executive ability; planning and putting into effect of projects, events and campaigns; managing PR

ICT: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, CadCam, Canvas

Information about Sepehr Maghsoudi

Sepehr Maghsoudi is a Dutch fashion designer with a Persian background. His vibrant personality and enthusiasm for craftsmanship and experimentation are visible in his collections. His work is futuristic, elegant, innovative and constructive.

In 2008 Sepehr started his own brand in the Netherlands. All of the 20 collections he made over these last 10 years, have gained international recognition. Showing his 15th and 16th collection in Paris, during the Paris Couture week January and July 2017, has reinforced this impression.

Sepehr has styled and designed for a variety of artists and celebrities. He is a two-time winner of the Edgar Vos Couture prize, Fashion Designer of the year 2012 and his couture designs were on show in the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Another highlight was when he was selected as most talented young designer, giving him the opportunity to meet the King and Queen of the Netherlands.

Sepehr designed for the MTV program “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and participated in “Project Catwalk (Runway)” and “The Face”. By designing costumes for the Dutch films “Heksen bestaan niet” and “Fashion Chicks” he showed his outstanding talent once more. His work has been published worldwide in Vogue Italy, Elle, Esquire, Razor Red, Zink Magazine and many more.

His work has been published worldwide in Vogue Italy, Elle, Esquire, Razor Red, Zink Magazine and many more. 

Quotes as references

  • Frans Molenaar introduced Sepehr as “the new Dutch talent’’. 
  • Designing a collection for the nr 1 dance game worldwide, Just Dance 2014, the creative director Just Dance (Ubisoft) “I fall in love with the designs of Sepehr Maghsoudi, his collection is exactly what the Just Dance franchise stands for.’’ 
  • 2014 Invitation to participate in the New York Fashion Week: ”Sepehr Maghsoudi is an impressive designer and this brand fits perfectly with our theme of artistically inspired fashion designers from around the world. We checked his work on his website and are very impressed by his creative, innovative craftsmanship. We also investigated his work on his latest fashion shows, reviews in the press and on social media and are pleased. We are therefore delighted to be able to allow this brand to Mercedes Benz New York”.
  • 2014 invitation to attend the Vancouver Fashion Week: International Designer Coordinator VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK “I am writing to you because our team, after having carefully studied your fabulous collections and great talent, decided to select you as a designer candidate for our next fall/winter season, which will be organized from March 16th to the 22nd We really want to compliment you for your talent and creativity, that you express through the beautiful art of fashion design. Especially, I really like the way you are able to combine simplicity, elegance and research of fabric.”
  • 2016 Management of Style Fashion Week Los Angeles “Love your style and design aesthetic. It has originality which sets you apart.”

Work experience: Fashion Collections, designed and presented

2018 | Fashion collection “Giftig”

2018 | Fashion collection “The One”

2017 | Fashion collection “Urge” 

2017 | Fashion collection “Light” Presented during Paris Couture Week July 2017 

2016 | Fashion collection “Scream under Water” Presented during Paris Couture Week January 2017 

2016 | Fashion collection “In between” 

2016 | Fashion collection “13” 

2015 | Fashion collection “Watching without seeing” 

2014 | Fashion collection “Talking with Silence” 

2014 | Fashion collection “My Dark Passenger” 

2013 | Fashion collection “Superba’’ for Just Dance 

2013 | Fashion collection ‘’Walking out of Shadow’’ 

2013 | Fashion collection “Embrace your Darkness” 

2012 | Fashion collection “Melted construction’’ 

2012 | Fashion collection “Running through Walls” 

2011 | Fashion collection “Blown Away’’ 

2011 | Fashion collection “Intense existence” 

2010 | Fashion collection “Revenge of darkness” 

2009 | Fashion collection “Robotica”

Available at (stockists): 

The Netherlands | Sepehrland concept store, Hoorn 

Bryant Mode Experience, Hoorn, one of top 5 most exclusive shops of Benelux 

Siempre, Almere 

Bobbery, Amsterdam 

Worldwide |

Media experience:

2018 | Live on RTV Noord Holland

2017 | Radio interview Dag van de Vrouwen, interview

2017 | RTL5 Mrandmrssportandfashion

2017 | BBC Persian Live TV broadcast a special about the 16th collection Couture Exposition “Light” from Paris 

2014 | Member of the jury for Kunst om het Lijf; Member of the jury for The Hague Fashion Awards competition 

2012 | Jury member for the new talent show “Gold event” in Amsterdam 

2011 | MTV program Sweet 16; broadcast at MTV, broadcast worldwide 

2011 | “Intense Existence” couture show, broadcast at SBS6 Shownieuws 

2011 | Radio FUNX Fashion Advisor for the latest trends and report 

2010 | Monthly column at ‘Hoorn deze week’ newspaper 

2009/2010 | Participation in television contest Project Catwalk

Publications about Sepehr Maghsoudi 

2019 | Coiffure awards, Cinq magazine

2018 | Telegraaf newspaper, NHD newspaper Vrij, Masters of LXRY Magazine 2018, Linda magazine,

2018 | Coiffure awards, Cinq magazine, ISO1200 Magazine, NEO2 Magazine Spain, Kim Lian wearing Sepehr Maghsoudi couture in Veronica magazine

2018 | Couture krant, Vulkan magazine, @sundaygirlmagazine, Hoorns dagblad

2017 | Masters of LXRY, Wendy magazine, NHD newspaper, Alkmaar newspaper, Hoorns dagblad, Contributor magazine, Couturekrant, FashionWeekOnline, HIER Magazine, GRAZIA style jury, Privé magazine

2016 | Fashion & LifestyleTV, Couturekrant, NHD Newspaper, the mode code, Los Angeles online platform Wanted and Desired 

2016 | Cover Publication Gun Magazine Trio issue, Publication in Metro lifestyle 

2015 | Publication in Westfries Weekblad, Sallie Marijn Harmsen and Eva Heijnen wearing Sepehr Maghsoudi Couture 

2015 | Publication in Sunday paper and NHD newspaper, Sepehr being referred to as the ”Fashion icon of Hoorn’’ 

2015 | Sepehr’s designs on the cover of Hearts and Wallets magazine, on front cover of Stylevision magazine, on front cover of Leven Magazine, on both covers of ZODIAC magazine 

2015 | Victoria Koblenko wearing Sepehr Maghsoudi designs – publication in L’Officiel magazine 

2015 | Publication of Sepehr Maghsoudi Couture in Le Fil d’Or magazine, Iraania Magazine, En Vie magazine, Gooisch magazine, Ellements fashion magazine 

2015 | Interview in about Sepehr’s 12th collection “Watching without seeing’’ 

2015 | Publication of a Sepehr Maghsoudi coat in Zodiac magazine – ‘’SWAG’’ issue, in FLAIR magazine 

2014 | Fashion Gun Magazine; Talkies glamour Magazine; Zink Magazine New York; Envie Magazine; Vestal Magazine; Zodiac Magazine, issue 2; Frontcover in Livid Magazine New York / Paris; Linda Magazine; Grazia Magazine 

2014 | Online media:,, Shoppenmetmarceline,,, styledbyro,,,,,, about 11th fashion collection “Talking with Silence”; 

2014 | Society World Magazine, about fashion show “My dark Passenger” 

2014 | “Vlinder” book 

2013 | Elegant Magazine; Superior Magazine; Papercut Magazine NYC; Zink Magazine NYC; Zodiac Magazine; Uptempo Magazine; Gun Magazine; Elements Magazine; Veringa Magazine; Style & Vision Magazine 

2013 | Couture newspaper, online magazine and Telegraaf newspaper, about Fashion Show 13 july 

2013 | Heuvel magazine, Sepehr Maghsoudi article about fashion & trend 

2012 | Vogue Italy; Cover of Uptempo Magazine; NYC Magazine; American Magazine Bay Fashion, August issue 

2012 | Extastic Magazine, July issue; Advance Fashion Magazine, June issue; Luana Jardim Jewelry Magazine; Style Vision and Blü Magazine, Luxery Magazine (FR), press The Fashion Magazine, published in New York, L.A., Torronto, Paris and Tokyo; Worldwide Magazine Luxery (FR); Powerlady Magazine; Miljonair Magazine; BLEND Magazine; LINK Magazine 

2012 | International CD cover of Eva Simons, launched on March 26, 2012 

2012 | The Couture-paper on and other online magazines about the latest show “Running Through Walls” 

2010 | Publication at Elle, Esquire, Noordhollands Dagblad, Life & tennis, Razor Red Magazine, Fart Magazine and TwentyTen Magazine


2012 | Winner of the Dutch Fashion Award 2012; jury member Phia Baruch 

2011 | PRIZE FOR BEST DESIGNER of 2011 Couture Krant online magazine 

2011 | Winner Fashion Ambassador Award 

2008 | Two times prize winner in couture at fashion design contests, with the guidance of Edgar Vos

Designing for companies 

2017 | Costume design for dance company Dans Onderneming

2017 | Theater costume Medea for Het Gezelschap

2016 / 2017 | Goldwell show with Sepehr designs at Amsterdam fashion week 

2015 | Commissioned to create an artwork for P&G, the biggest multinational in consumer products 

2014 | Designs prints for hats for Paris Company 

2013 | Designs a collection for the nr 1 dance game worldwide: Just Dance 2014 

2010 | Selected as top 12 designer to make a design from Bijenkorf product. Opens the show with a dress, made of chocolate, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Bijenkorf Department Store, Amsterdam 

2009 | Freelance fashion designer for Tony & Guy hairdressers show 

2008 | Freelance designer at Lambretta, Menswear designer 

2008 | Stylist for Tony Jones modelling Agency 

2007 / 2008 | Designer at Individuals, shown at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Teaching, coaching, motivation 

2017 | Artistic Director Political Catwalk – coaching 20 upcoming designers, presenting at Amsterdam fashion week 

2017 | Styling & Coaching for Mr&Mrs Sport and Fashion, RTL5 TV 

2015 | “Design Your Future” a special project initiated by Sepehr Maghsoudi, supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Netwerk and the town of Hoorn. A series of masterclasses, creative workshops to inspire and encourage young people 

2013/2014 | Guided tours for 200 people at the Westfries museum Hoorn about design, life, motivation on a journey through Sepehr Fashion 

2012 | Guiding new talent for the Prins Bernhard foundation


2018 | ART expo Galerie Salon West Amsterdam

2017 | Exhibition Couture Wedding dress in Westfries Museum Hoorn

2013/2014/2016 | Couture designs on show in Westfries Museum Hoorn 

2012 | Exhibition in the ART Fair in Westergasfabriek Amsterdam 

2012 | Exhibition Sepehr Couture pieces and 24 paint artworks in the Rabobank on the Dam, Amsterdam 

2010 | Exhibition chocolate dress, Hollands main department store Bijenkorf, Amsterdam 

2007 | Exhibition museum 21st Century, Hoorn

“Being first ever to” and other special occasions 

2018 | 10-year anniversary Sepehr Maghsoudi couture

2016 | Expanding of Salon Privé to Sepehrland concept store 

2015 | Selected as one of the Heroes of Hoorn for “Nachtkapers”, presentation of Sepehr’s designs and interview in the Oosterkerk Hoorn

2015 | Create a meatgrill-dress

2015 | Nomination for WBG Runner Up Prize, selected as most promising creative business talent, with a presentation of Sepehr’s designs and an interview on stage Parkschouwburg Hoorn

2013 | Design a giant coat for the “Jan Pieterszoon Coen” statue in Hoorn city centre, Hoorn fashion week

2012 | Give a floating fashion show in the canals of Amsterdam 

2011 | Do the opening show at the first Digital Fashion Week in Cinema Tuschinski, Amsterdam 

2010 | Opening of his Salon Privé by mayor of Hoorn 

2008 | Start own clothing line for women, sold in Paris, near Colette district 

2008 | Be invited at Dior for an internship

Costumes, special designs and styling for artists 

2016 | Design and styling for the videoclip ‘’Perfect World’’ of Maan, winner of The Voice of Holland 2016 

2015 | Costume designer for the new Dutch film ‘’Fashion chicks’’, Liza Sips and Dorien Rose wearing Sepehr couture 

2015 | Eva Simons wears Sepehr Maghsoudi designs in her videoclip ‘’Policeman’’ 

2015 | Sepehr’s dresses are used in Las Vegas and Hong Kong for editorial 

2015 | Coiffure Awards show – one of the nominees wearing Sepehr’s designs 

2015 | Jasmine Sendar wearing Sepehr Maghsoudi Couture at the premiere of 50 Shades of Grey 

2014 | DJ Award winner Armin van Buuren, song: “Ping Pong” 

2014 | Costume designer of the Dutch film ‘’Heksen bestaan niet’’, opening night with Sepehr’s designs 

2013 | Fashion show ”Just Dance” 2014 with artists like Sharon Doorsen, Nathalie la Rose and Saar Koningsberger 

wearing Sepehr Maghsoudi designs 

2013 | Designs couture pieces and styles the worldwide video clip Karma for Kate Ryan & Robert Abigail 

2010 | Designs and customizes outfits for world tour of Armin van Buuren, Christian Burns 

2010 | Designs and customizes outfits for Anne Vegter, exposition at sold out concert of Polo de Haas, Amsterdam


Work experience 2013

2013 International Publication in Elegant magazine.

2013 Publication in superior magazine.

2013 Sabina Loof wears a couture dress from Sepehr Maghsoudi at film festival Cannes

2013 Publication in magazine papercut NYC

2013 Fashion show Just Dance 2014 with artist like Sharon Doorsen Nathalie la Rose and Saar Koningsberger in Sepehr Maghsoudi.

2013 Publication Zink Magazine , NYC.

2013 Publication Zodiac Magazine.

2013 Styling Attilio Brancaccio photography.

2013 Design in Practical Photoshop.

2013 Publication in couture newspaper about the fashion show.

2013 Fashion Show 13 july Publication in online magazine and telegraaf.

2013 Publication in Telegraaf, uptempo magazine.

2013 Sepehr Maghsoudi proclaimed to be the talent of Hoorn, he Meets the king and queen.

2013 Publication In gun Magazine.

2013 Designed several dresses for Edsilia Rombley music tour.

2013 Publication in NHD news paper about Miss West-Friesland.

2013 one of the three Jury members for “Miss West-Friesland” beauty pageant.

2013 The 8 finalists of “Miss West-Friesland” wearing Sepehr couture.

2013 publications of Sepehr’s haute couture in Elements magazine.

2013 gave other artists the chance to expose their art pieces in his second gallery which is located in Amsterdam.

2013 Designed and styled the worldwide video clip named Karma performed by Kate Ryan & Robert Abigail in Sepehr couture pieces.

2013 Publication in NHD newspaper reading about Sepehr’s vision on lingerie.

2013 Publication in Heuvel magazine, Sepehr articel about fashion & trend

2013 Publication in the magazine Veringa.

2013 Publication in the magazine Style & Vision.

2013 Designed a giant coat for the “Jan Pieter Zoon Coen” statue, hoorn fashion week.

2013 Giant coat for the statue article was published on the front of the NHD newspaper.

2013 Fashion show “Embrace your Darkness” publication in NHD newspaper on the front.

2013 7thFashion show, art exposition “Embrace your Darkness” great succes.

Work experience 2012

2012 Designed and styled the world-famous video clip of DJ Ferry Corsten and singer Betsie Larking, song: Not Coming Down

2012 Vogue Italy Publication

2012 Cover of Uptempo magazine, NYC magazine

2012 Designed and styled the worldwide video clip from singer Sharon Doorson,Song: Fail in Love

2012 Publication American magazine Bay Fashion, August issue

2012 Publication Extastic magazine July issue, the rise issue

2012 Publication Advance Fashion magazine, June issue

2012 Luana Jardim jewelry magazine

2012 Cover publication in the newspaper Spits

2012 Cover publication in the newspaper NHD

2012 Publication in different online media like Parool, the Couturepaper. By STYLING Amsterdam, Good2b,,, pink press, FashionLicious, Fashion finest and many more

2012 Show of the new collection Spring/Summer 2013, Melted construction,Couture in combination with ceramic, iron, plastic, veneer

2012 from 2004 developed the prints for designs and interior

2012 From July 2010 I own my shop and atelier in Hoorn

2012 From 2009 supervised 37 internees

2012 TV show Koffietijd, presentation new Couture line

2012 TV show De Halve Maan on Nederland 2, Fashion interview

2012 First Fashionshow ever in the canals of Amsterdam on a boat

2012 3 day guiding of new talent for the Prins Bernard foundation

2012 Jury for the new talent show Gold event in Amsterdam

2012 Arrange styling and Couture for the cover cd of Brandi Russel

2012 Publication in FHM magazine

2012 Cover publication Luxery Magazine (FR)

2012 Exposition Sepehr Couture pieces and 24 artworks in the Rabobank on the Dam, Amsterdam from the 11th of April until the 15th of June

2012 Publication in press the Fashion Magazine, this was published in New York, L.A., Torronto, Paris and Tokyo

2012 Sylvia Geersen was seen in Haute Couture of Sepehr in Style Vision and Blü Magazine

2012 Sepehr in the TV show The Face, show with a modeling competition

2012 International publication on the cd-cover of Eva Simons, launched on March 26, 2012

2012 Publications in the Couture-paper on and in other online magazines about the last show

2012 Cover publication in Noord-Hollands newspaper

2012 show for the new collection fall/winter 2012/13, running through walls, Couture in combination with ceramic and glass

Work experience 2011

2011: Cover publication Worldwide magazine, Luxery (FR)

2011: Mtv Sweet 16 april 2011 on MTV

2011: Worldwide Videoclip  Maruja Retana, with a great compliment From Perez Hilton!

2011: In cinema Tuschinski fashion show, SS/2012, the first Digital fashion week.

2011: Judge of  NHD fashion competition.

2011: PRICE FOR BEST DESIGNER of 2011 Couture Krant.

2011: Publication Miljonair Magazine.

2011: Workshop fashion for 80 children.

2011: Fashion workshop, trend and colour advice.

2011: Co-operation Blauwe Schuit as teacher.

2011: Judge for hair show with Cindy Pielstroom.

2011: Publication Powerlady magazine.

2011: Advisor Beat the Top Designer Net5 Fashion program.

2011: Publication BLEND magazine.

2011: Ek A dressage dress Niki Romijn, with mayor of Rotterdam.

2011: Televisiering, Famous  Jessica Mendel wears Sepehr couture.

2011: MR Bean, Johny English  premiere met Sepehr Saghsoudi couture.

2011: Tv hit Project Catwalk, the guest judge.

2011:Fashion show at the Arnhem fashion week with Sofie Kraay.

2011: Publication at  fashionsceneTV.

2011: Publication LINK magazine.

2011: Photo shoot with top model Kim Feenstra.

2011: Radio FUNX Fashion Advisor for the latest trends and report.

2011: Chosen to guest designer of Hoorn fashion city.

2011: Sepehr Maghsoudi couture for worldwide campaign SACHA.

2011: Judge beauty pageant, PC hoofdstraat with Miri Borsato, Viola Holt, Phia Baruch, Nikkie Plessen

2011: Sepehr Maghsoudi couture at Bijenkorf designed for: Susan Smit, Hanna Bervoets, Mark Lubach, Irene de kom, Anouk Smulders , Jörgen Rayman

2011: Winner Fashion Ambassador Award, got the award from So you think you can dance-juror Euygenia Parakhina and Daniëlle Frederiks-Van Aalderen, the rapper Lange Frans his wife.

2011: Jamie Faber in creations of Sepehr Maghsoudi at “The Devil’s Double” premiere.

2011: At Rai, Modefabriek with newest FW collection

2011: Received Fashion Ambassador Award

2011: Winner design contest at, meat dress

2011: Intense Existence couture show, broadcasted at Shownieuws, fashion magazine Grazia, and other online media

2011: Intense Existence F/W collection at Castle De Hooge Vuursche with famous models like Kim Feenstra, Renée Trompert, Rosalinde Kikstra,
Euvgenia Parakhina and Daniëlle van Aalderen

2011: Sold out show at Theatre Het Park 7th of january 2011: The show ‘The One & only’s’ with main artist and singer Boris is wearing one of my creations.

Work experience 2010 and earlier

2010: Show of Rob Peetoom at Hotel Krasnapolski, models wearing my creations

2010: Kick off PC Hooftstraat Fair with Patricia Paay and my creations

2010: My collection is sold and lended out at Silk PR at PC Hooftstraat

2010: At Cartier private show models wear my Adoescere collection

2010: Content at Elle, Esquire, Noordhollands Dagblad, Life & tennis, Razor Red Magazine, Fart Magazine and TwentyTen Magazine

2010: Designed and customized outfits for world tour of Armin van Buuren, Christian Burns and Nadia Ali

2010: Opening of my Salon Privé by mayor of Hoorn, 8th of october 2010

2010: Awarded Cultuur Ondernemen upcoming designer

2010: Radio interview at Radio FunX, Radio Hoorn, Amsterdam fm

2010: Monthly column at newspaper ‘Hoorn deze week’

2010: Joint venture with various artists, a.o Boxy

2010: Show at AFAS Tennis Classics ’10 with top tennis players Paul Haarhuis and Jacco Elthingh

2010: Joint venture with Onori, regarding a female business line.

2010: Nominated Designer of the year

2010: Designed and customized outfits for Anne Vegter, exposition at sold out concert of Polo de Haas, Amsterdam

2010: Photoshoot with singer/songwriter Hind wearing my creations

2010: Kick off Avantgarde Style Store with my creations

2010: MTV project, broadcasted in 49 countries, 150 million viewers world wide

2010: Show couture collection “Adolescere” during AIFW, Amsterdam

2010: Exposition at Fashion Museum, Amsterdam

2010: Designed clothes for sold out concert, Park Schouwburg, Hoorn

2010: Show opening Fashion Museum Week, Amsterdam

2010: Exposition chocolate dress, Bijenkorf Warehouse, Amsterdam

2010: Photoshoot with winner Benelux Next Top Model, Rosalinde Kikstra

2010: Opener show with dress, made from chocolate at 140th anniversary Bijenkorf Warehouse, Amsterdam

2009/2010: Participation on television contest Project Catwalk

2010: Photoshoot with Dutch top model Christa Verboom

2010: Photoshoot with winner Hollands Next Top Model 2nd season, Kim Feenstra

2009: Freelance fashion designer for Tony & Guy hairdressers show

2008 / 2009: Designer at Jeroen van Tuyl

2008: 2 times price winner in couture at fashion design contests, with the guidance of Edgar Vos

2008: Started own clothing line for women, sold in Paris

2008: Invited at Dior for an internship

2008: Freelance designer at Lambretta, Menswear designer

2008: Worked as a stylist/designer in a shop, Paris

2008 Stylist for Tony Jones modelling Agency,

2007 / 2008: Designer at Individuals, shown at Amsterdam Fashion Week

2007: Exposition museum 21st Century, Hoorn

2006: Exposition Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

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