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Sepehr Maghsoudi presents his 15th collection during the Paris couture week, 24 January 2017. Atelier Néerlandais – 121 Rue de Lille, 3rd floor, 75007 Paris, France

From 12 o’clock Sepehr will present a show every hour for a selected audience. This 15th collection will show up more when you have the opportunity to observe the ravishing designs from close up. If you want to be part of this intimate and complete experience, don’t hesitate to book your ticket by e-mail; Please let us know what time suits you best (12h, 13h, 14h, 15h, 16h).

“After being invited to participate in New York, Vancouver and LA fashion weeks, I have had my sights set on global expansion, and Paris speaks to me as a couturier.“

To achieve this courageous goal Sepehr Maghsoudi is hosting a campaign to raise the money for his participation in the Paris couture week.

The money will go towards the ‘Paris Project’ in order to set up the show in Paris.

This full set-up, consisting of models, location, catering, light, seating, travelling and accommodation for 35 + people, is expected to cost €26.000

Contributors to the current campaign will receive various gifts depending upon their donation, from an original designer T-shirt and seat at the Paris show to an original handmade dress by Sepehr Maghsoudi.

Companies that want to support this project with their products or services are more than welcome. Please contact: for information about our favours and services in return.

The crowdfunding campaign provides a way for everyone to get involved through donations, large and small, to contribute to the next phase in the international expansion of Sepehr Maghsoudi as a couturier.

We welcome everyone who wants to participate in this project.

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Sepehr presenteert zijn volgende collectie tijdens de Parijs couture week, januari 2017.

“Na uitnodigingen voor deelname aan de fashion week in New York, Vancouver en LA, wil ik mijn merk wereldwijd op de kaart zetten. Parijs spreekt me als couturier bijzonder aan.”

Bedrijven zijn van harte welkom als partner in dit project.

Doe mee en profiteer van wereldwijde exposure.

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